First of July in the Bulgarian Tradition

On the 1st July, according to an old Bulgarian tradition, we celebrate St. Vrach - Doctors and Healers Saints. It is the Day of all Folk Healers, Fortune Tellers, Osteopathy Professionals  and Herbalists. The Bulgarian folklore memory has preserved beautiful holidays.
According to the Bulgarian tradition on St. Vrach early in the morning, the healers collect water from healing springs, wash their face with water from the healing spring, and take water home in silence. They greet the rising sun by bowing to the rising sun and giving thanks. What are they thankful for? This is a deep personal secret. Maybe they are grateful for their gift and for all the people they healed. For the power of life and for the power living in them and acting through them. They go home and knead a white flour pie. Then they distribute the herbs and tie them in bundles by hanging them to dry. The younger ones learn from the elders if there are curious enough to inherit their gift. The healers teach them about the power of each herb. They tell them about those healers who heal the soul as an integral part of the body. Then everyone feasts on the table and breaks the pie. The belief is that the bad today is hidden underground or burrowed into a mouse hole. Wounds heal very quickly and do not hurt as much. The scars today are smeared with ointment of oil and calendula and fade more easily, good is everywhere and good words catch, whereas bad words and insults - do not catch attention and have less effect. The bad has no power today and that is why it is hidden.

Happy First of July!

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