Hormonal Hour Regime

Getting up before 6:00 in the morning produces the hormone of happiness SEROTONIN.


6:00 - CORTISOL level rises - the hormone that prepares your body for active wakefulness!

 Logic is now turned on as much as possible. It's time to write down your plans for the day and make decisions that will be implemented. Drink 500 ml of water in the morning and exercise, so the stress hormones are washed away!

7:00 - Melatonin stops being produced. Sleeping no longer makes sense because the value of further sleep = 0, which means it is a waste of life.

8:00 - sex hormones are in the arena.

 They are steroids - hormones that form our muscular framework. It's time to charge, gymnastics, gym and play!

10:00 - 14:00 peak of DHEA

 (Dehydroepiandrosterone) - a neurohormone responsible for memory, attention and memory. The best time for mental activity.

14: 00 - 16:00 – if feeling acute drowsiness at this time, do not deny yourself the pleasure of sleeping 20 minutes!

 This is the peak of GROWTH HORMONE - a hormone of beauty and eternal youth. And preferably after this sleep to warm up, because growth hormone is responsible for the amount of muscle tissue.

17:00 from 19:00 - Cortisol begins to decrease. Making important decisions is worth canceling.

 Sport is contraindicated since then muscle nutrition will be very difficult.

21:00 - MELATONIN begins to be produced. By lowering our body temperature, we want to receive warmth and care from our loved ones. The best time for family communication!


22:00 - the pituitary gland secretes opioid hormones with a narcotic effect - these are the ENDORPHINS.

 For those sleeping at this time, sleep will be accompanied by the most pleasant sensations. The daily stress is behind you, the body is ready to restart. Sleep from 22:00 to 4:00 is the most valuable. Lack of sleep in this period of time is fatal.

2:00 - the time of GROWTH HORMONE (HGH) begins - a hormone of beauty and eternal youth.

 Thanks to it, children "fly in their sleep" and adults stay young, beautiful, with healthy bones and healthy muscles! Stay young and healthy using this knowledge!

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